Who is SCORE?

SCORE is a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

Other resource partners of the SBA are the (SBDC) Small Business Development Centers, and the Women’s Business Center.


What does SCORE do?

SCORE is a volunteer network of more than 10,00 trusted, knowledgeable mentors who help emerging and existing small businesses solve problems and improve competency as they create businesses, jobs and revenue in their communities.  Small business is the growth engine of our economy. SCORE has a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs create small businesses and jobs for America.  In 2016, SCORE helped create 53,377 new businesses, and 65,125 jobs created.


How does SCORE work with other entrepreneurial resources?

In Maine we collaborate as one big business ecosystem. SCORE regularly networks with other resource providers in our community, such as the Maine Technology Institute, Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development, the Women’s Business Center, Small Business Development Centers, New Ventures, to name a few. SCORE is grateful for its role in serving the business community in Maine. 


What services does SCORE provide in Maine?

SCORE impacts the community by providing FREE confidential face to face mentoring, FREE (or low cost) business fundamental workshops , and resources to  entrepreneurs. SCORE is the starting point for people starting or growing a business We meet with our clients face to face, virtually, or on the phone, to create actionable business plans. SCORE provides expertise on financials that matter such as: cash flow, achieving a healthy balance sheet, and improving the bottom line. Our services are free, and we are here “For the Life of Your Business.”   Most of our mentoring relationships are measured in years, not months.


Why are SCORE  Mentors effective?

SCORE certified mentors have owned and operated their own small businesses, or served in management positions for both large and small companies. 

The key ingredient SCORE mentors bring is real-world business experience you can count on.

Being an entrepreneur is a demanding and exhausting journey. To push your business forward requires you to move beyond your comfort zone and take risks. That’s where SCORE can help. We listen and enable you to focus on your priorities, and sometimes to fail forward.  We are the mentors you can trust with your fears and as well as your dreams.


Is SCORE an efficient government resource?

SCORE is so efficient that it actually makes taxpayers money.

Nationally, we are a lean organization: in 2016 with 24 paid employees, supporting over 10,000 volunteers and 300 Chapters locations – a volunteer-to-staff ratio that would be the envy of any nonprofit. 

For every $1 the Federal Government appropriated to SCORE, our clients returned $60.16 to the federal treasury in tax revenues. We believe that’s unparalleled by any other program.


How to you support Veterans and their families?

SCORE is committed to helping veterans, service members and their families looking to start and grow small businesses with significant, long term success. SCORE provides advice, training programs, and long term mentors for the life of any small business – no matter the stage.

We offer free SCORE Portland workshops to assist members of our military (active duty, reserves, and National Guard) and all veterans and their immediate family members. Any Veteran or family member may attend any SCORE workshop at no cost to the attendee.


What percent of your clients are new entrepreneurs?

33% of people who seek SCORE for counseling are starting a new business

67% of our clients are already in business 


Where are you located?

SCORE 100 Middle St. 2nd Fl. Portland, Maine 04101