Simple Tips: Use Email to Grow Your Business October 22, 2021, 12:00pm EDT October 22, 2021, 1:00pm EDT
Zoom Webinar

Our email inboxes are both a blessing and a curse. Email is the easiest and most often checked method for keeping in touch with people and brands, but it's also an overflowing source of information. How in the world can your messages break through the clutter? Can email still be used to grow a business?

The answer is YES. Email marketing is a powerful channel for connecting with customers and driving sales. Join this free, live webinar to learn how. You will learn practical approaches you can apply to your business right away. Event sponsored by Maine Technology Institute.

After this session you will:
• Be ready to implement one or all of three smart ways that email can be used to grow your business
• See how other small businesses have used email successfully
• Have a list of immediate actions to grow and maintain a strong email list
• Understand how email works well with other marketing channels, like social media and your website
• Get a checklist for deciding which email delivery technology to choose
• Submit your questions for answers during the session

Your Presenter: Stephanie "SAM" Miller

Stephanie Miller spent years of her long digital marketing career speaking, writing and consulting on email marketing strategy; traveling the globe to help businesses of all sizes tap this amazing channel for customer connections, sales, and business growth. Stephanie is a SCORE mentor in Portland, Maine.