Certified Occupational therapist Heather Shields of Pathways Rehabilitation Services helps assess drivers to see if their skills can be improved to keep them safely on the road. Her custom services are geared toward helping Maine residents with medical conditions, physical or cognitive disabilities stay safe and mobile. She came up with the name Pathways Rehabilitation Services because people can choose their own path through independent driving and community mobility. She saw a huge need for this service in our State. What sets Heather apart is her client focus: she does driving assessments and trainings right at people's homes and in their communities.

My successes. 

With the help of SCORE I got the advice I needed to start my business and I now provide the only mobile driving rehabilitation service in the state.

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE has been a terrific resource for me. In addition to meeting with my mentor Hall Thompson, I was also able to attend helpful SCORE Workshops like Funding Your Business.

What's great about my mentor? 

Hall was an excellent resource because he was very knowledgeable about the financial side of starting a business. He really helped me focus and take the next steps to get my business started.

Pathways Rehabilitation Services